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Youth in the Ville

Let's hear from the the young people and let their stories empower their peers.

Mooville creates a safe place for our young people to show up, speak up and take over spaces so that they can voice opinions, see and create art and channel their frustrations, and concerns with an audience. 

Creative Expressions presents 
The Butterfly Project 

We worked with six formers from different schools and collages for 6 weeks over COVID and explored our fears using film, poetry, music and drama. These group of young women produced magic and now it’s time for the world to see.


Filmography by Marlene McKenzie

Mooville @Holyhead School presents 


The Artistic Director worked with Year 10 girls looking at devised theatre. Here they young women created a show for their Presentation Evening that was held at Birmingham's Town Hall.

Hairdressers Photo Collage-2.jpg

Rosa Announcement 

Stay tuned for exciting news! 

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